‘You want to be like a quarterback’: Why Saints wide receivers have more to learn than most, and what it takes to understand the offense

LAS VEGAS – Emmanuel Sanders got caught off guard.

The wide receiver spent his career playing in complex offenses. Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh, Peyton Manning in Denver. Kyle Shanahan's offense in San Francisco also has some moving parts. But what the Saints were doing last week was like nothing he had ever seen before.

The number of personnel groups and formations was a lot. Most teams have their three-receiver personnel, and that's it. The Saints, well, they have three or four versions of every personnel grouping. Sanders found himself racing to keep up during the opener, not knowing when he was in or out, or where he was supposed to be going.

"Some plays I'm in, some plays I'm out," Sanders said. "Some plays they're calling the personnel, and I have to remember, am I on that personnel or am I not in that personnel? Sometimes I get caught up, like, having to think. So, it's definitely different. It's different than any team I've been on. I've never had that many personnels."

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