Why the Saints can win the Super Bowl with Drew Brees back

Go ahead and try to talk yourself into someone else.

It's fine.

There are things to like about Teddy Bridgewater, and there might not be a more exciting idea in the NFL than Taysom Hill running an offense designed for him by Sean Payton. The thought alone has had imaginations turning for two years.

But the best outcome for the Saints was always to have Drew Brees back. The New Orleans Saints are Super Bowl contenders with No. 9 leading the offense. Not being mean here, but numbers 7 and 5 would probably signify the win total or, at best, the playoff seed if Brees had decided to walk away, and one of them filled the void.

Now, of course, all the Saints have to do is actually sign Brees to make this reality happen. Getting that done seems more like a formality than an obstacle since both sides have said they want to stick together.

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