Why Marshon Lattimore and other NFC South CBs deserve more credit

There aren't many carefree days for cornerbacks in the NFC South.

Guys in other divisions will catch a gimmie or two every season. But if you're the No. 1 guy on an NFC South team that has its cornerbacks travel with top receivers, you'll have to face elite competition at least six times per season. Playing a position where a handful of plays can change an entire season's perception is never easy, and especially not when several of the top receivers live in the same division. Being a cornerback down here is like playing "Punch-Out!" but Mike Tyson shows up for every fight instead of Glass Joe and Piston Honda.

That's why someone like Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore deserves more credit for his play over the last two seasons than he's received, but this is true for all of the cornerbacks in the NFC South.

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