Why Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins can be a suffocating duo for Saints

Things do not often go right for cornerbacks.

Enduring ups and downs are the nature of the position, and the sample sizes from a single season are often too small to tell meaningful stories. Five plays go the wrong way, and it changes the way people talk about a player. Only the truly great ones -- and there have only been a handful throughout history -- normalize success.

So, no, everything probably won't go right for the New Orleans cornerbacks. There will be some bad luck, and bad days are almost guaranteed playing in the NFC South. Sometimes you just get beat by Mike Evans or Chris Godwin or Julio Jones or Calvin Ridley or D.J. Moore or Robby Anderson. But even if things don't always go right, the floor is pretty high for Saints cornerbacks Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins.

If things do go right, and Lattimore and Jenkins get some good luck and play up to their potential, this will easily be the best duo the Saints have fielded during the Sean Payton era. The pair might even end up forming one of the league's better combinations.

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