Why keeping Andrus Peat makes sense for the Saints

Not many people were expecting a repeat.

When Andrus Peat hit the open market, the expectation was that he was going to find work elsewhere, and New Orleans would move on to other options. But as the top guards got scooped off of the market, Peat sat without a job. The possibility of a reunion started to make more sense.

The reported numbers ($57.5 million over five years with $33 million guaranteed) have almost certainly gotten massaged. They will probably look much different once we get a look at the actual contract and can see how the deal is structured. So, let’s just set that aside for now and evaluate this as a football decision.

This is almost certainly not going to be a popular opinion but keeping Peat might not be as bad of a decision as some might think. Before you close your browser, give me a chance to explain.

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