Who the Saints could draft if forced to pick a RB, guard and pass rusher in every round

The Saints still want to add interior offensive lineman, a need that was voiced by Sean Payton a few weeks ago, but could the team also be in the market for a running back or pass rusher?

Taking someone at either position wouldn't be a big shock. Even if the Saints keep Alvin Kamara, they could look to pair him with a younger player who could take over for Latavius Murray in a year. And at pass rusher, Marcus Davenport has suffered an injury each season. Adding a layer of protection would provide peace of mind, but also give New Orleans the flexibility to move some players around the line.

So, with these positions in mind, I conducted three draft simulations where I controlled the Saints to see what would happen if I took a player at one of those positions in each round of the draft. The exercise provided some clarity on what New Orleans could accomplish if it feels addressing any of these spots is a must.

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