Who is the Saints’ best player so far this year?

Main Topics:

•Do you run with the offense as is?
•Should Hill be QB1?
•Did they make a mistake on Marcus Williams out of the building?
•Has Olave taken the WR1 spot?
•Is Peter Werner better than Demario Davis?
•Should the Saints be open to Sean coaching Carolina?
•Did the Saints drop the ball with RB2?
•Worried about the defense?
•Rashid Shaheed to replace Harty? Who else?
•Has Cesar Ruiz improved? If so, how much?
•Is Cam Jordan a HOFer?

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  1. Enjoyed the pod/YouTube vid. At the end of the show I think Kev should ask you what’s planned for this coming week (writing wise) on the site. Maybe those watching on YouTube might think that sounds interesting, I want to read that and sign up. Just a thought Nick.

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