Which players should the Saints extend?

Who should the Saints lock up long term? Should they let the season play out or get ahead of it?

– Marcus Davenport
– David Onyemata
– Do the Onyemata and Davenport potential contracts impact each other?
– Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
– If Jarvis Landry plays well, can they extend him during the season?
– Erik McCoy
– Deonte Harty
– Blake Gillikin

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  1. Does Onyemata’s suspension history play at all into the possibility of an extension? I believe he’s been suspended for a failed banned substance test twice. Not sure if the next one would be for a whole season, or what? I love him on the team, but his suspension history doesn’t get mentioned when extensions are talked about, and I wondered if you thought it weighed in on the calculus.

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