What will the Saints do in the draft?

The draft is finally here.

We’ll discuss what the Saints will do this week and how they can go about getting better.

Topics on the docket:

Pick One (If a choice had to be made)
1) Malik or Pickett
2) Hamilton in the 1st or Jaquan Brisker in the 2nd or 3rd
3) Olave or Jameson Williams

Over Under:
1) QBs before the Saints pick (o/u = 1.5)
2) WRs before the Saints pick (o/u = 2.5)
3) Tackles before the Saints pick (o/u = 3.5)


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  1. Nick, is there some way you can provide a transcript of the podcasts? They are very long, and you do have subscribers who do not have the time to listen. And because you do so many podcasts, those not accessing the podcasts might question the value of their subscription. Just a friendly note from a subscriber who doesn’t have the time to listen.

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