What makes Saints special in 2-minute drills? A look at how they operate, call plays in these situations

The Saints are a team that likes to talk about things.

Sometimes you wish they wouldn't because when the New Orleans offense is rushing down the field with the clock winding down, it often looks like the Saints are blitzing the defense. Quite often, in those moments, the offense seems unstoppable, and the defense struggles even to get lined up.

But those moments are rare. While the Saints are typically an up-tempo team, one that moves so quickly in and out of the huddle that it often frustrates defenses and creates confusion, almost every play is going to start with the play getting called in a huddle. The offense is only going to go hurry up when it needs to hurry up.

But when those moments arrive and you see how the offense operates, and the way plays get called, the brilliance of the Saints' no-huddle package comes to light.

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