What was the reason for Drew Brees’ lack of deep passes last season?

The pass wasn't particularly beautiful or memorable.

It got the job done.

A lot happened that day, so Drew Brees connecting with Ted Ginn Jr. down the Superdome's right sideline during the 2018 NFC title game just a couple plays before the infamous no-call is an understandably forgettable moment. But the fact is, Brees reached back and threw the ball 40 yards through the air to put the Saints within the 15-yard line.

Not a perfect throw. Ginn had to turn around and make a play, but turning around also allowed him to stay between the safety and the ball, which ended up being a good thing. Here is what matters: The pass got there, and Brees was able to take advantage of a busted coverage.

There has been a lot of attention paid to Brees' ability -- or inability -- to push the ball down the field. Plenty of people have aptly pointed out the issue exists. But how bad is the problem? Was there another cause? Why did it drop off so quickly?

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