What happens to Michael Thomas’ stats if you remove his top two routes? What about other top receivers?

Some football fans would have you believe that Michael Thomas only runs slant routes and nothing else.

They've convinced themselves that this is true. These people have even created memes to spread the word across social media platforms like an army of truthers with an undying need to educate the world.

This narrative isn't real, but what if it were? Is that even a knock on someone? Given how good Thomas is on slants and the fact that no one can stop him on it, one could argue the Saints don't use it enough.

Thomas has been targeted 118 times on slants throughout his career and caught 97 of them for 988 yards. That's an 85 percent success rate, which should typically be replicated as often as possible, but it doesn't make sense here because the Saints wide receiver is so good at so many other things. He's caught 82.5 percent of all targets the last two seasons.

Here's the thing: You can take every slant away from Thomas last season, and the year still ends with him leading the league in both receptions and yards.

So, what happens if you take away Thomas' top two routes? Top three?

What if you do the same thing to the other players who round out the top five in receiving yards?

Let's find out.

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