Thomas Morstead knows he didn’t meet expectations, but he isn’t worried. Here’s why the punter believes he’ll again be a weapon next season

Thomas Morstead is sitting in the Ochsner Fitness Center's parking lot answering questions about one of the season's greatest mysteries.

The tools to get the Saints punter back to where he wants to be are waiting for him inside the building. But in the parking lot and beyond, there are only questions. One of those inquiries came just the day before this conversation during an appearance on the Sports Overtime podcast when Morstead was asked if he might retire. He knew his season left a lot to desire. He feels the same way. But retirement? No way.

Morstead is 34 and coming off the worst season of his career. Players his age sometimes start to rapidly decline and often do not return to form. That isn't what is happening here. Morstead knows why his production dipped last season and knows what needs to happen to fix the issues.

The punter made it clear he isn't on a media tour but wants people to know he is taking ownership of his down season.

"It wasn't to the standard as expected. I think it's important to acknowledge that. So, when people are clamoring for replacement, retirement, that just says, 'Hey, your fans are not seeing what they're used to seeing.' If there's no other reason for a drop-off, other than, 'Hey, he's been playing for a while,' people can say that stuff. So, I just think it is important to acknowledge that. Hey, I understand. I didn't play to my personal standards."

The other reasons for the dip are easily explainable and fixable. Morstead is already in the process of finding solutions, which is why he's confident in a return to form. He is also eager to prove those who believe he's nearing the end of his career wrong.

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