The rundown: Reviewing how well the Saints stuck to their process during the draft

There probably isn't a more futile effort than assigning draft grades.

They are already coming in on this year's class and they mean nothing. The ones about the Saints say exactly what you would expect them to say if you’ve been on the internet all this week.

The funny thing is that while the Saints get hit for where they selected Payton Turner, teams like Cleveland get praised for "stealing" linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. No one ever stops to think if it might be possible the rankings, and not the picks, are off, but time will tell who deserves scorn.

I'll remind you that New Orleans got a B grade from ESPN in 2017. They didn't think the value for Alvin Kamara made sense. ESPN also gave New Orleans a B- in 2016 and felt the team made an error in selecting Michael Thomas in the second round, given the defensive players available.

This isn't meant to bag on ESPN's rankings, or even say the C+ they gave the Saints this year is wrong. No one knows right now. Digging in and trying to reach a conclusion immediately after the draft is a fool's errand. What interests me is the process and logic behind each pick. So, how'd the Saints do through that lens?

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