The Rundown: How the Saints make adjustments during games, and why that will be key to winning on Sunday

To some extent, every game is a mystery.

Teams work to find new ways to hide their tendencies and introduce wrinkles to surprise their opponents. Still, every team typically has a set of fingerprints and other identifiable traits from which they cannot run. The Saints' problem heading into the season opener against the Buccaneers is that no one knows what Tampa Bay is going to look like on offense.

Bruce Arians' offense is one often defined as being aggressive and attacking. The offense Tom Brady quarterbacked in New England can only be described as safe and conservative. There will have to be a marriage of concepts and ideologies, but how that comes together remains a mystery since there aren't even any clues provided with no preseason games this year.

"Trying to measure what we're going to see relative to what we saw a year ago from Tampa offensively to what their 2020 version is is one of the challenges of playing a team like this early," Saints coach Sean Payton said. "Typically, for instance, our offense or our defense or even their defense, there's some assumptions made. … But the alignment and the schemes that they want to deploy on (offense) and run with that personnel will be something that we've got to be ready to adjust to quickly."

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