The rundown: How many times since 2006 has Drew Brees actually thrown a deep corner route? We found out

Drew Brees has finally thrown a pass to Emmanuel Sanders.

The Saints quarterback and his new wide receiver got together in Denver this week for a throwing session, which, considering the world's current landscape, qualifies as the most significant on-field development of the year for the Saints.

Brees is a quarterback who likes to throw with anticipation, and it's hard to anticipate movements if you don't know how to read the way someone moves. So, even though Sanders said last month he knew and understood the offense, there is no way to get comfortable until chemistry exists between him and Brees.

It will take more than a couple of days together, but this is a start after losing minicamp and organized team activities.

The most interesting thing about the video posted online by a Sanders' associate who often serves as his photographer is that Brees throws a corner route to Sanders that travels about 35 yards through the air. The New Orleans quarterback only attempted six passes that flew 30 or more yards through the air last season, connecting on two.

And this one in particular route at this distance has been quite rare for the Saints outside of a couple of years when it consistently worked itself into the offense for short periods. To figure out how rare it is -- especially now -- I looked back at every pass Brees has thrown since joining the Saints in 2006.

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