The Rundown: He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves, but Justin Hardee is Saints’ most impactful player on special teams

Justin Hardee was dominating every punt.

Single coverage. Double coverage. Didn’t matter. The Saints gunner was on a tear early in the season, and he made every rep look the same. Beat the jammer off the line, get down the field, force a fair catch. The precision and predictability of his success were like that of a Swiss watch.

After seeing Hardee win over and over, the Packers decided to try something different and have their jammer line up about 7 yards down the field so he wouldn’t get blown away off the line of scrimmage. This was basically like a cornerback playing off coverage against a wide receiver who beats jams. The approach was unique, and Green Bay deserves credit for that, but Hardee still beat the guy down the field.

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