The case for starting Taysom Hill instead of Jameis Winston

What if the Saints decide to go in an unexpected direction?

The Saints believe in Taysom Hill.
Many outside voices have opinions and thoughts about him as a quarterback, running back, special teams ace, as a cap percentage, or whatever else they want to comment on that day. Few of them are positive. But none of that matters to the Saints.
Sean Payton has been steadfast in his support of Hill. New Orleans paid him for a reason, and it isn't for his ability as a tight end or personal protector on the punt team. More importantly, Payton said Hill earned the right to be the backup quarterback this offseason. Granted, that was before Jameis Winston signed with the team, but it means something.
Drew Brees is out. A backup quarterback is going to be in the game. Last week after Brees got knocked out of action, the team turned to Winston. The choice could be the same this week against Atlanta, but the level of conviction that New Orleans will look to the traditional quarterback and move past Hill might be a little high. There's at least a chance, maybe even more than a fair one, that No. 7 steps in under center this week, and the possibility has been far too overlooked.

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