Taysom Hill believes new contract could help position him to be Drew Brees’ heir

Taysom Hill is in no hurry.

He speaks like a person who has a feel for his future. He wants to be the Saints' quarterback. You can tell the passion he has for the job, but he also isn't in a hurry to push anyone out of the door. This is a guy who is the ultimate team player, the one who has been willing to put the team's needs over his own vision for his career.

That won't change. The fire is burning, but Hill knows how to channel it for good. He's too grateful for the help he's received from Drew Brees to ever truly want to get him out of the way. And he seems to really believe in the vision the Saints have for him since he feels no type of way about Jameis Winston being brought in to serve as a backup quarterback.

"Coach (Sean Payton) and I had a conversation before free agency hit, kind of what his plan was for me," Hill said. "I had had multiple conversations following that and I knew that we were always going to bring in another guy. I didn't know who it was going to be, but no surprise there. I think Jameis is a good football player and he's a good quarterback and I think nothing has changed for the New Orleans Saints."

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