Saints film room: Why Saints had issues against Eagles’ running game

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Sunday’s loss shows Saints have a lot to figure out if they want to make a playoff push

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The Rundown: What’s going with the 2-point conversions? Why have Saints hit a cold streak?

Perhaps the most bizarre thing about the Saints in recent seasons has been their inability to connect on two-point conversions consistently. The most recent failed attempt came last week when Trevor Siemian and Mark Ingram could not connect on a pass, running the streak of misses up to seven in a row. Log in or […]

How Saints offense has changed going from Jameis Winston to Trevor Siemian at QB

The New Orleans offense is in its fourth iteration in the past 12 months. First, it was the Drew Brees offense, then the Taysom Hill version. This year ushered in the Jameis Winston era, and now we’re seeing how it looks with Trevor Siemian at the helm. While the offense’s core has remained the same, […]

Saints Film Room: Passing offense better, but many plays still left on the field

Playing quarterback for the Saints is a difficult job. The last couple of weeks, life has gotten a little easier with Tre’Quan Smith and Marquez Callaway making more plays. But there are still way too many plays getting left on the field. Sunday’s loss against the Titans brought forth several more examples, and the inconsistencies […]

Saints squander another opportunity, have to stop finding ways to lose games

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The Saints have to be better than this. We’ve seen that they can beat the best the league has to offer, but this team isn’t talented enough to win games when their own players are aiding the opponent’s efforts. Sean Payton has an idiom about this very thing. He often says that […]

The Rundown: How the Saints wide receivers can create more separation

The Saints will have to find ways to win with the players who are currently in the building, which means the wide receivers will have to sink or swim on their own the rest of the way. Sean Payton has spoken the last few weeks about how the team needs to do a better job […]

Saints Film Room: Breaking down what led to defense allowing big plays against the Falcons

The New Orleans defense has hit a bit of a lull. After a stellar start to the season, it looked like the team could ride that side of the ball to victory every week, but the last two games have revealed some vulnerabilities. Surprisingly, the team has busted a few coverages and gotten picked apart […]

The Saints need better play at skill positions if they want to make a January run

It took until about the second quarter of Sunday’s game for the impact of Michael Thomas’ social media post announcing that his season had come to close to hit fully. We all knew that Thomas’ season was over and that it would be a devastating blow to this team’s season, even if it didn’t change […]

The Rundown: Why Sean Payton should be an early favorite for Coach of the Year

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