Some QBs are impatient perfectionists. Drew Brees chooses to take a different approach, and here’s why that matters now more than ever

Jared Cook knows quarterbacks.

The Saints tight end has played for five different teams and been thrown a pass by 18 different players. He's played with multiple Super-Bowl winning quarterbacks, even more Pro Bowlers, and two sure-fire Hall of Famers.

All of them come with a unique acclimation process. All good quarterbacks are demanding, especially those who operate at an elite level and expect those around him to meet that level. But there are different ways to go about achieving that goal. Some quarterbacks take a sink-or-swim approach, while others are much more patient and understanding while everything gets worked out.

Brees is one of those more patient players.

"Drew is probably as patient as any quarterback that I've ever played with in terms of just the preparation and talking things out," Cook said. "He explains things well. He really doesn't get up in arms if you mess it up."

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