Should feelings on Saints’ trade of first-round pick already be set or is it contingent on finish?

We cover a ton of topics this week, including:

– The optics of the draft pick the Saints traded to the Eagles

– Where do the Saints rank in terms of their QB situation?

– What should the plan be moving forward beyond this season?

– Is the season finally on the brink or is the NFC South keeping it alive?



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  1. Agree with Underhill. Trading away a top 10 pick when you knew you don’t have a franchise QB is atrocious. The fact they went after watson is proof they knew that Winston or Dalton aren’t QBs to build on. That’s a fireable offense on most teams. But we have no accountability here bc Loomis is nepotism hire. Gayle won’t fire him if we went 1-16. Pathetic.

  2. Saints need another head coach. One that will cuss, one that will get down with his players, establish a better relationship. They messed up BIG TIME when they traded CJ Gardener. Their is no fun, competition, NO MORAL, somebody need to step up
    Cuss, laugh, get on each other Coaching staff sucks. Whose teaching them to tackle ? Who is teaching them to fight ? We need a quarterback and an OFFENSIVE LINE. PLEASE

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