Selection of Cesar Ruiz should turn Saints offensive line back into a strength

The Saints were not happy with how Larry Warford performed last season.

The guard showed up to camp overweight and was a frequent target of criticism from the coaching staff, according to sources. Nothing about it was subtle. They let him know that things weren't going as planned. Putting some heat on Warford was one of the goals of the offseason, and, well, consider that goal achieved.

The Saints didn't just put heat on Warford. His seat is now so engulfed in flames the only question is how long it will take to become a pile of ashes after New Orleans selected interior offensive lineman Cesar Ruiz out of Michigan during the first round of Thursday's draft.

Coach Sean Payton put it in no uncertain terms when he said the Saints didn't draft a player that high to have him sit. When asked to clarify what that statement meant for Warford, he said, "Larry's going to have to compete."

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