Sean Payton, Saints coaching staff face one of their biggest challenges since 2006

This season was already going to be challenging.

The face of the franchise is gone, and regardless of what you thought about Drew Brees’ ability at the end, things will be awkward at times. There will be countless issues that arise that once got taken for granted. Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill have potential, and maybe one of them will even exceed expectations, but questions at quarterback are far from the only challenge this team faces.

The Saints might have the guy to get them through all of this. Sean Payton was at his best the last two years when things appeared bleak. But this year might be a little different, and they’ll have to sustain the balancing act for months instead of weeks. The hardest part of it is that the full extent of the fallout and who will be on the roster and when is still not known.

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