Scouting which free agent cornerbacks best fit the Saints

At a certain point, teams have to show their hands and tell you what they think about their roster through their actions.

After spending hours leading up to the draft trying to trade up to select Jaycee Horn or Patrick Surtain, the Saints made it more than clear that they would like another option at cornerback after releasing Janoris Jenkins earlier this offseason. The team added Paulson Adebo in the third round, and while he might quickly emerge as a viable option, New Orleans likely still isn’t satisfied with its depth at the position and could look to make another move.

There are still are ways to get better. The Saints could try to trade for a veteran cornerback, though finding someone willing to trade a starting-caliber player at the position could prove difficult. The other way would be to hit the free-agent market, where several intriguing options still exist.

At this point, everyone is available for a reason, but several players could come in and improve the Saints’ depth chart. Here’s a breakdown of the best remaining players and how they could fit on this defense.

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