Saints approach the draft differently than other teams, and it works for them

The Saints have a problem that only the most successful teams could ever experience.

What do you do when your team is too good to add a bunch of players? Do you bring in a bunch of camp bodies, a couple of which might work out, but will more than likely come in and fade away, or do you try to improve your assets?

The Saints faced this question ahead of the draft and opted against quantity. So, as the draft unfolded and players New Orleans graded highly sat on the board, it started an aggressive pursuit to acquire the right players, guys who should make the team an contribute.

The approach was more than determined. By the time the second day of the draft ended, the Saints had spent all of their picks to acquire interior offensive lineman Cesar Ruiz, linebacker Zack Baun and tight end Adam Trautman.

That's it.

Draft over.


And the team couldn't be happier with the result. All three of the players were within the top 40 names on New Orleans' draft board.

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