Saints’ offense will be different with Jameis Winston at quarterback, and some of those changes are already evident

The Saints stole a quarterback once before.

They took a chance on Drew Brees when no one else was willing to make the same gamble and ended up with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. A lot had to happen for the outcome to end up in that place, but it did happen, right here, in this environment.

Can Jameis Winston have all of those same things work out in his favor? Can he go from doubted and discarded to the top? Getting there will require the balance and concentration required to climb a pyramid of plastic milk crates, but Winston does have the talent, ability and dedication to make the most of this situation. But that possible outcome is so far in the distance it is impossible to forecast.

New Orleans is hoping the same outcome happens again, but the Saints will be more than happy if things simply turn out to be fine this time around. But no matter what, this offense is sure to change.

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