Saints keep winning, but we’re still learning about this team as it enters the midway point of season

The Saints have won in a variety of ways, but we still haven’t seen what they can really do.

The Saints know they can do a few things exceptionally well.
They can operate a two-minute drill like no one else in the league.
They can get the ball to Alvin Kamara in various ways and watch him go to work.
But most of all: They can win ugly.
The Saints can bust coverages, struggle to move the ball for stretches, and be victims of a few calls so stringent it is akin to enforcing jaywalking, but they'll find a way in the end. Sunday's 26-23 win over the Bears blended into the fabric, just like so many other ones this year. There won't be many clips from this victory added into the "America's Game" documentary if New Orleans achieves its goals this year, but games like this might end up being the reason they get there if the Saints find ways to improve once the roster is at full strength.
"Battle-tested. That's what it is," Drew Brees said. "No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we're going to be able to draw on a lot of these other moments where we had to find a way to win."
The Saints were without wide receivers Michael Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and breakout rookie Marquez Callaway. There's just not a whole lot to take from a game unless someone breaks out in a big way (they didn't) or fails spectacularly (no one did). We didn't need another game to learn that Kamara is the best offensive weapon on the planet. The only thing this game did was build character, just like any other situation in life where someone or something overcomes adversity.
Figuring out what to make of each game has been a challenge this season. Ask yourself this: What do you actually know about this team?

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