Saints have two goals on offense this season: Get better on screens and shot plays

The Saints know where their strength lies.

So far in training camp, there have been two stated goals for the offense. The first one is to get better in the screen game. The second one is to take more shots down the field. The commonality between those goals: The offensive line must succeed to make those plays work.

The approach makes sense. The Saints will still attack every level of the field, just as they always have, and the offense will look familiar no matter who is at quarterback. Some things might change or get added based on whether Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill is under center, but the passing concepts and general philosophy of getting people open will remain the same.

The screen game has become synonymous with Sean Payton’s offense, something he used to great effect with players like Darren Sproles, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas and now with Alvin Kamara. Shot plays haven’t been part of this team’s identity for at least the last four or five seasons, but this team has the pieces to be more explosive.

Both plays can be much more effective than they were the last couple of years.

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