Saints film room: Where does Cesar Ruiz need to improve to reach his full potential?

The most significant addition to the Saints this season could simply be getting someone currently on the roster to play up to his full potential.

Cesar Ruiz was a great college football player. He didn't make mistakes, rarely allowed pressure and was one of the building blocks on Michigan's offensive line. He got selected in the first round of last year's draft for a reason, and for the Saints, that reason was to replace the inconsistent play of Larry Warford.

Unfortunately, Ruiz didn't make that happen as a rookie. There are reasons for this, of course. He moved from center to guard, missed some time with injury and was trying to learn during an offseason shortened and altered by the pandemic. Odds are, we didn't see his best shot last season for all the reasons mentioned. Still, he needs to get better for the Saints to reach their full potential, whether he lines up at guard or center next season.

Can he make that happen?

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