Saints film room: Can Paulson Adebo be the cornerback New Orleans needs?

If you happened to walk into the room and look at the screen at the right moment, with no context, you might think Paulson Adebo is a wide receiver if you were seeing No. 11 play for the first time.

When the ball is in the air, and his eyes are on it, the cornerback is a playmaker. He never guesses or panics when the ball is in the air, he instead times and breaks on throws like a wide receiver. The third-round pick's a ballhawk, and seeing his mentality and approach to the game makes it easy to understand how he had eight interceptions during his final two seasons at Stanford.

When he's playing at his best, Adebo puts together stretches and games that make him look like a first-round talent. His upside is evident, but cornerbacks are often defined by their low moments and inconsistencies as we all know. The Saints are hoping they can minimize those and maximize Adebo's special traits.

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