Saints film room: Marcus Davenport is showing signs of significant growth

Marcus Davenport is rushing with a plan and is beginning to look like the talent team was hoping for when it drafted him.

Marcus Davenport is beginning to ascend.
The pass rusher is finally starting to become the fully formed pass rusher the Saints hoped he would eventually become when they drafted him. You can see it when he rushes the passer. Before, there was just speed, power and athleticism. Those traits are still there, the tenets of his success, but they’re now utilized with a plan.
“I think that’s part of the deal, being able to recognize what’s the chance I’m getting a pass on that particular down, what are the chances I’m getting a run, what type of blocking scheme am I going to get?” Saints defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said. “You begin to kind of figure those out and develop a plan pre-snap of how you’re going to attack the offense, rather than always just kind of reacting to what they do. When you are able to anticipate and have a plan ahead of time, it just makes you that much faster and much more explosive.”
There is one undeniable way that Davenport has grown as a pass rusher. Once you see it and realize it, all the pieces begin the click into place.

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