Saints film room: How New Orleans schemed its way to success on offense against Lions

The Saints are here.

The team didn't show up right away this year. The first few weeks of the season were defined by awkwardness and a lack of chemistry, much like the early moments of a mixer before everyone settles in. Some people were going for hugs while others were looking for handshakes. On Sunday, though, it all came together.

The Saints looked like the Saints during their win over the Lions. You can discount the performance because of the opponent if you want, but the things bothering the offense were never about the opponent. New Orleans was off the mark because of internal issues like players running the wrong routes, inaccurate passes, and other ailments in more in-depth details. Those issues would show up against any opponent.

This time, though, everything was on point – or more on point than usual. Drew Brees was dialed in, and Sean Payton made all the right calls. Seeing how he used a physical approach with the running game to loosen up the passing game was fascinating, especially when considering how some of those looks played off of one another and set up other plays.

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