Saints film room: Examination of Drew Brees’ misses reveals multiple issues on offense contributing to struggles in passing game

Drew Brees didn't play a good game.

He missed some throws, made some poor decisions, and had a couple of moments that you don't typically see from the quarterback. But there was a lot more going on during Monday's loss to the Raiders than what initially met the eye. Some of Brees' lowest moments that have become talking points to illustrate his demise weren't solely his fault.

Dropped passes, bad routes, improper depths – all of these things paint a picture of the quarterback that was much worse than it actually is on film. Not saying it was good, or that there should be zero concerns moving forward, just that it wasn't as bad as it initially looked.

There is reason to keep an eye on where Brees is locating the ball, his general accuracy, and why he seems reluctant to go down the field. But first, it is important to make sure this conversation gets conducted with the correct information.

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