Saints film room: Breaking down the issues New Orleans had in coverage against Carolina

Notes and observations after breaking down Sunday's 27-24 win over the Carolina Panthers.


The Panthers had a clear plan to attack the slot and take advantage of the matchup against Chauncey-Gardner Johnson. The safety ended up paired up one-on-one with Robby Anderson a handful of times and gave up four receptions, including one 26-yard gain. To be fair, Gardner-Johnson had one impressive pass breakup on these plays. 
While Gardner-Johnson needs to prevent some of these plays, giving up gains of 22 yards on the three other receptions is somewhat unremarkable, the kind of thing where you'd say he needs to do a better job against a tough matchup and move on. 
But the damage didn't stop there. Gardner-Johnson gave up another pair of receptions in man coverage when the receiver cut behind the line of scrimmage and came out on the other side. The safety got caught up in the wash a little bit, creating space for the receivers to get open. Again, not great, but you move on if these are isolated.
Gardner-Johnson's two lowest moments came in zone coverage when he appeared unaware of his responsibility. On one play, he allowed Curtis Samuel to run right underneath him while watching the backfield. On another, he bit on the flat and let Anderson get open over the middle. 

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