Saints expected to use first-round tender on Taysom Hill

Sean Payton announced a couple weeks ago that the Saints intend to place a first-round tender on restricted free agent Taysom Hill if he remains unsigned by the start of free agency.
If further confirmation is needed, ESPN reported the same news on Friday evening. A source told NewOrleans.Football that the tender should be offered late next week.
Here is what Payton told WWL about Hill’s future last month.
“If he was unsigned prior to the league year, I would anticipate us really paying close attention to that and looking at that first-round tender,” Payton said of Hill. “That’ll take some time, relative to his contract because it’s unique in what he’s doing now and what we feel like he can be and what he can do when Drew does retire. That will probably take a little more work than the contract that (general manager) Mickey (Loomis) does with Drew.”
So, unless plans change, these steps forward should show what the team really thinks of Hill. Words are one thing, but actions are another. The first-round tender, which should cost around $5 million, is one step forward. But getting the contract extension Payton referenced done would say a whole lot more.

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  1. So glad you’re back Nick! Just paid for my subscription! I really hope NOLA is coming through for you

    1. Glad to see you in the mix! So far, so good. Still not out of the woods but things are moving in the right direction.

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