Saints are running out of chances to save their season. Can they still find a way after loss to Cowboys?

It’s hard to know what anything involving the Saints means.

Do you count the missing starters or count the interceptions? Do you count the third-down stops or the explosive plays? Do you count the quarterback's healthy limbs or the unhealthy ones? Things will get better when some of the guys return from injuries, but do you count the questions or the answers when forecasting the next five weeks?

Coming off of Thursday’s 27-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, it feels like there are no answers at quarterback. Playing with a banged-up foot and middle finger on his throwing hand, Taysom Hill played the type of game that made him look more like a $40 million man than a $94 million one moving forward. He brought a shot of life to the offense and got some offense going early in the game, but then he quickly unraveled.

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