Quick take: Loss to Raiders carries shades of 2017 Week 2 loss to Patriots

LAS VEGAS – There have been other low points early in the season. 
The last time a game felt like this, where it felt like there was a disconnect, where the summer led to the fall of the Saints instead of the promised Fall of the Saints was back in 2017. Monday’s loss to the Raiders felt bad. It was bad. But that Week 2 game against the Patriots led to serious questions about the team. The kind of questions that suggested finality. 
Then it all clicked, and that team went on a run and sparked the current era of expectations and demands. For any other team, even that one back in 2017, there would be some leeway given the way this offseason played out and the fact that the best receiver in the NFL, the guy who is essentially New Orleans’ offensive identity, was missing. But for a team that is supposed to win the Super Bowl and be the most talented in the NFL, lapses aren’t accepted. 
And they shouldn’t be. 

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