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  1. Just listen to podcast – a couple of questions:
    1) Peat – a higher cost than I expected but it was pointed out to me by that – a) Given how Saints have structured their OL now, If you take any of the pure guard left in FA Or draft one – won’t you need to pickup a back up to Armstead which is not cheap and possibly have to start Easton initially? Also, going this route would you be too guard heavy? Lastly, as Walford last year is coming up – do you want to be left with a possibility of having two new guards to the system in 2021? Thoughts?
    2) Your discussion about Brady …. made me think about Coronavirus situation. If this lasts into preseason won’t that really hinder certain positions such as new QBS with WRs? Or following up on #1 above – OL which is one of the hardest groups to work as one unit. Not knowing the situation with the virus – as a GM would you work harder to keep your own players as they are already part of the system and learning curve is not as steep – or is that too conservative? Thoughts?

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