Podcast: Nick Underhill and Mike Triplett preview the Bucs game

How will the Saints perform this week against the Bucs?

Nick Underhill and Mike Triplett break down all the action from last week and preview what lies ahead.

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  1. Nick, is media availability for Saints players and coaches on the same schedule it was when Sean was coach? Maybe I got used to seeing a live feed every day during training camp. Is it only one live speaker three times a week, and Saints media just uploads other interviews?

  2. Any way for you to start posting transcripts? I hate podcasts and prefer to read. Youtube’s transcription ability is very accurate, though the layout sucks — I’ve used it a few times to transcribe interviews 🙂 MS Teams is better, format wise, but if whatever you use to record has a transcribe feature, that. would. be. awesome.

    Anyways, just a thought.

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