Podcast: Murray vs. Queen, Taysom Hill’s growth, more

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On this week’s episode of Saints talk, we spend a good time debating the merits and minuses of LSU linebacker Patrick Queen and Oklahoma’s Kenneth Murray. Our takes on the two players are somewhat different.

We then discuss some of the things Jordan Love does well, Taysom Hill’s future (again) and what Drew Brees’ deal with NBC could mean for his career.

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  1. Kevin was speaking the truth in this one. It’s not that Queen is a bad player, but if you view him as a liability in the run game and you cannot convince me that isn’t a valid opinion, then he’s not a first round pick. Pass coverage specialists exist, but the difference between a first round pass coverage specialist and a day 2 pick is not being a liability in the run game.

  2. Question – do you see a strong similarity of Deion Jones and Queen in size, length of time starting in college, speed, etc. ? If you do it would be interesting to compare the year of starting in college. I personally have a strong respect for Jones. So the question is – does his size (Jones) a major problem in the NFL?

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