Podcast: Is Saints’ season on the brink?

How do the Saints get back on track?

Can they get back on track?

Who is to blame for the early struggles?

We discuss all of this and more.

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  1. The officiating has always been bad as nick stated but in this game in particular it wasn’t consistently bad for both teams it felt like. The Bucs game at least it was bad both ways. This game felt bad only towards the Saints.

  2. I guess I wonder, if Olave looks like franchise-player and Penning was looking very good before the injury and still projects to be a franchise-type player, I STILL don’t see how the trade of the first round pick was “a disaster”?
    If you feel sure that they don’t have their quarterback on the roster, and you feel sure THEY weren’t sure, then maybe. But the way things appeared going into the season, it looked like a pretty good move despite what some may have said.

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