Podcast: Drew Brees is coming back for at least one more season

Drew Brees is coming back for at least one more ride.

With quarterback solved, assuming Brees signs, we discuss the areas where the offense needs to get better (2:23). Then we discuss whether or not the quarterback can regain his form and throw the ball down the field just enough to make defenses respect the possibility (6:43). Going further down the list, if Teddy Bridgewater (11:35) now leaves, who becomes the backup quarterback? And what is the best role for Taysom Hill?

We also discuss Marcus Davenport’s development (23:00), what Bridgewater might make (29:00) and Alvin Kamara’s upcoming season (36:01).

We’ve had some issues with getting our podcast feed set back up. If you were subscribed before and the new episodes are not showing up, you might have to re-add the podcast to your subscriptions.

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  1. Nice pod.

    Davenport is a bad man when healthy. The D pressure fell off after he and Rankins got hurt. Feels like he could be a real key to the D in 2020.

  2. Sorry to bother you, but I’m having hard time trying to get your podcasts to play; I don’t see anything to click. OTOH, I’m north of 70 years old, so probably just me.

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