Podcast: Can the Saints still get Derek Carr?

Nick and Mike break down all of the latest stuff going on with Derek Carr after he declined to waive his no-trade clause.

They also talk about everything that happened in the Super and cover the ultimate “What If” on Patrick Mahomes and revisit the Saints’ pursuit of the superstar quarterback.

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  1. This is just the most brutal “what if” discussion I’ve ever heard. I had to take a break 🫠😵‍💫

  2. 1) My mood was big sad when Nick didn’t name Brees among the top historical QBs.

    2) Now that we’re in the off-season, would be possible to have a pod where you discuss the Saints’ run from 06-20 and where it fits among all NFL teams. I’m pretty sure the Saints best era outclass some teams (Houston, Jacksonville, maybe the rest of the NFC South, etc.) and there probably are a few who have multiple eras that beat the Payton/Brees era (Cowboys, Giants, Packers, etc.). I think it’d be interesting.

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