Podcast: Breaking down Emmanuel Sanders’ fit in the offense

The first wave of free agency is in the books.

New Orleans made a big splash by bringing in Emmanuel Sanders, and we discuss all of the things that make him a perfect fit in the Saints’ offense.

We then shift gears and explain why bringing back Andrus Peat might not be the craziest idea — and why it could still go wrong.

We then close up by discussing Janoris Jenkins’ fit in the secondary what makes the culture the Saints have cultivated so appealing to players.

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  1. Good to listen to the pod and read the article’s. it’s like having a little ray of sunlight in darkened and uncertain times.
    Hope you and yours stay safe and I look forward to more excellent writing that educates.

    1. Same to you. Thanks for checking it out. Football allows me to pretend that the world isn’t in disarray for a little bit each day.

  2. I can’t wait to see him perform in this offense with Drew at QB. With all the attention on Mike Thomas, it should provide him room to prosper.

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