Player projections: Why Alvin Kamara could have his best season in 2020

You can calculate the moment when Alvin Kamara started to slow down last season.

Just count the hands.

Early in the season, when Kamara was at full strength, he ran through defenders and arms like they weren't even there. Each one existed only to count another broken tackle. The tally was growing at an astonishing rate until, suddenly, after Week 5, it slowed. The running back was still productive, but injuries handcuffed Kamara's breath-taking ability to a certain extent.

The rebound is only about health, and here's the thing: Those close to Kamara say we haven't seen him at his best. As good as it was, a winter of training for the combine preceded his rookie year. If the Saints running back remains healthy this year, the expectation should be for Kamara to have his best season.

There are a lot of reasons why.

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