Paulson Adebo is developing quickly. Can he be the cornerback the Saints need?

Paulson Adebo was under fire.

First game, first exposure to an NFL stage, the Ravens were coming after him. Play after play, the ball was going Adebo’s direction. One game isn’t enough to prove that you belong, but sometimes it is enough to show that you do not. This moment belonged to Adebo, whether he wanted it or not. The Saints rookie cornerback was in coverage for 21 snaps, and the ball came his way seven times.

He passed the test nearly every single time the ball came his way. While it is too soon to know for sure, there is now enough evidence to suggest that New Orleans might have found a player. The Saints believe it, and they can tell Adebo is starting to believe the same things about himself, which might be the most essential aspect of all of this.

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