Navigating Jamie Collins’ highs and lows to determine possible fit with Saints

There was a point last season when someone could have credibly argued that Jamie Collins was among the best defensive players in the NFL.

The linebacker dominated games for the New England Patriots during the first half of the season. After years of squandered potential and false starts, it looked like the guy with the ability to be one of the NFL's more unique defensive weapons was finally putting it all together.

Then Halloween came, and Collins put on a mask and blended in with the rest of the league's linebackers. The dropoff was disappointing considering how high he was flying during the first six or seven weeks of the year.

It was also disappointing because Collins remains one of the most polarizing players in the league, and that isn't the best place to be for someone preparing to enter free agency. The Saints are among the interested parties, but they're going to need answers to some questions before making him an offer.

What was the reason for Collins' dip in play?

Can he reach those highs again?

And, if so, are they sustainable, or is Collins' greatness forever going to be experienced in fleeting moments?

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