Measuring how much more room the Saints receivers will have to operate underneath when deep passes are a threat

We have spent a lot of time this offseason discussing how the offense could open up more with a different quarterback.

There is no doubt this should be true. We've quantified this a few different ways, but most of the conversations get argued with anecdotal evidence, which, to be fair, is probably more than enough since we all watched the games last year and saw how far the ball was traveling through the air.

The facts are the facts: Drew Brees won a lot of games the last few years and scored a lot of points despite being extremely limited in how he was able to attack the field. If anyone ever needs to argue about Brees' mental ability and toughness, point to 2020. Not too many people could have succeeded under those circumstances.

What I've been curious about is how secondaries defended the offense last year. Opposing teams saw everything we saw and more, which one can reason meant they didn't have to defend as much of the field as before. If you become convinced someone can't make a throw, you can cheat up a little bit and take something else away from the offense.

The only way to truly quantify this is to measure how far the deepest safety lines up from the center.

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