Mailbag podcast: On Jadeveon Clowney, run-pass ratio, Malcolm Jenkins vs. CGJ, more

I’m flying solo on this week’s podcast.
With Kevin out for the week, I answered listener questions on a variety of topics, including:
– On how Jadeveon Clowney would fit with the Saints
– On Malcolm Jenkins vs. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
– What the run-pass ratio will be next season
– What to expect from Patrick Robinson
– More

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    1. I think they hedged their bet on Rankins with Onyemata. Even if Rankins finds his form again, it’s tough to see the Saints paying him 10M+ on top of Onyemata’s 9M with all of the bank breaking deals coming down the pipe. Shy Tuttle making The Leap would make it an even easier decision.

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